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Hanaro Market w.l.l

New Products

New Products

Prepared Food

Korean Ramen

Snacks & Drinks

Cooking Ingredients

Rice & Grains

Fresh & Chilled food

Frozen Food

Other Products


samyang spicy halal ramen.png

Spicy Samyang Ramen


Halal Product

samyang jjajang ramen.png

Samyang Jjajang Ramen


Halal Product

samyang topokki ramen halal.png

Samyang Topokki Ramen


Halal Product

Seaweed Products

Savory Roasted Seaweed.png

Roasted Seasoned Seaweed

- Sold Out -

4g x 12 pkts (48g)

Seasoned Laver

bibigo seasoned seaweed.png

Roasted Seasoned Seaweed

20g x 4 (80g)

Savory Roasted Seaweed (uncut)

Butter Soy Sauce Seaweed topping.png

Butter & Soy Sauce Seaweed

50g pkt

Bibigo RIce Topping

Bibigo Seaweed Chips.png

Bibigo Seaweed Chips


Original Flavor

Potato Seaweed chips.png

Bibigo Seaweed Chips


Potato Flavor

sweet corn seaweed chips.png

Bibigo Seaweed Chips


Sweet Corn Flavor

Kim Snack.png

Bibigo Seaweed Snack


Original Flavor

Chilled Products

Jjolmyeon Hot and Sour.png
Katsuo Udon.png


Katsuo Udon

454g Serves 2

Spicy and Sour chewy Korean noodles ready to cook

466g Serves 2

Korean style ready to cook Katsuo Udon

bibim naengmyeon.png

Bibim Naengmyeon

454g Serves 2

Korean spicy cold buckwheat noodles ready to cook

Chonggak Kimchi.png

Chonggak Kimchi


Radish Kimchi (Bibigo Brand)

konjac jelly drinkable halal.png

Low Calorie Drinkable Konjac Jelly

Various Flavors

Halal Product

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